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With as much care as you take in selecting the right contractor, choosing the right roof system is equally as important. A CertainTeed Integrity Roof System combines key elements that help ensure you have a well-built roof for long-lasting performance.


The first step in your defense against the elements. Self-adhering underlayment is installed at vulnerable areas of your roof to help prevent leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams.

Provides a protective layer over the roof deck
and acts as a secondary barrier against leaks.

Starter Shingles are the first course of shingles that are installed and designed to work in tandem with the roof shingles above for optimal shingle sealing and performance.

Choose from a variety of Good-Better-Best styles to complement any roof design and fit your budget.

Available in numerous profiles, these accessories are used on the roof’s hip and ridge lines for a distinctive finishing touch to your new roof.

A roof that breathes is shown to perform better and last longer. Ridge Vents, in combination with Intake Vents, allow air to flow on the underside of your roof deck, keeping the attic cooler in the summer and drier in the winter.

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We have many shingle colors available for your roof providing limitless combinations. Schedule your free inspection now, and one of our Georgia agents can show you.

Nathan was quick and courteous about getting a quote. They also arrived on the day they said they would and got the job done quickly.

Peilong D. | 07/14/2021


Atlantic Blue


Burnt Sienne

Charcoal Black

Cobblestone Gray

Landmark® Pro

Max Def Atlantic Blue

Max Def Birchwood

Max Def Burnt Sienne

Max Def Charcoal Black

Max Def Cobblestone Gray

Landmark® Premium

Max Def Burnt Sienne

Max Def Cobblestone Gray

Max Def Colonial Slate

Max Def Driftwood

Max Def ​Georgetown Gray

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He was awesome! He went out of his way to make it the best as possible for my roof. It looks sooooo nice now! I love it! Thank you Nathan for doing your best!

Erica C. | 06/15/2021

Roof Facelift

Although the roof still had a little bit of life left, this homeowner didn’t chance it.

Shingle Makeover

This house had really bad shingles but wait until you see how it looks now!

Quick Turn Around

This house was quickly turned around just in time for the homeowners to increase their price before selling.

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We have many more colors available, the possibilities are endless. Schedule your free inspection now, and one of your Georgia agents can show you more.

I 100% recommend this company. Nathan went above and beyond dealing with insurance to get us approved. Once we got approved, he had us scheduled within the next week to get the roof done.

Courtney | 06/29/2021


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