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We can completely represent you throughout the process while you get to sit back & relax.

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Get a brand new roof without raising your premium.

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The amount you can save from a roof repair or total replacement is potentially huge. With our free inspection, we can make your insurance pay for your roof.

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Yes, we work
with them.

We work with all insurance companies from all sizes. However, we have seen the highest success with Travelers, Ameca, Chubb, Central, Progressive, Nationwide, Homesite, Gieco, and Lemonaid.

How we help you
through the process.

Have us come out to inspect your roof free of charge, inform you of the condition of your roof including the potential of covering your roof for just your deductible, and even handle your claims work for you.

The day your insurance adjuster inspects your roof, we will be there for you to ensure they do the right thing.

The best part is that you won't even increase your insurance premium with our process.*

Free Roof Inspection

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We help
with claims.

You can get a completely new roof for just your deductible without increasing your insurance premium, and it can all be handled for you through our customer centered Georgia team.

  • Our goal is to act quickly considering a damaged roof is a big deal. Once you reach out, we urgently add you to our calendar to access any damages or concerns
  • During an inspection, we make very detailed reports. This means we will spend roughly 45 minutes or longer depending on the size and complexity of your roof. This way we can gather all the collateral needed to help insure a seamless claims process.
  • After finishing the inspection, your local specialist will go over a damage report and present you with numerous photos of the damages found. Your specialist will also explain why these damages are bad and what may happen next if the damages aren’t accessed. If no damages are found, your specialist will also let you know that you are clear for years to come.
  • If damages are found, your local specialist will discuss with you the best route to go. This will not only save you money but to also help prevent more damage to your home.
  • If the necessary route is an insurance claim, our specialty, them we will walk you through every step of the process. Starting with assisting you with opening the claim properly.
  • If you qualify for a roof paid for by your insurance, we will represent you through the entirety of the claims process
  • Claims can be confusing, and we all have to remember, insurance companies aren’t actually interested in giving you their money, they just want to keep yours. That is where we come in.
  • Based on who you have homeowners’ insurance with, we will also be able to provide you with your odd of approval. Not all insurance companies are the same. Some are very easy to work with, others will do everything they can to deny you.
  • Once we go over the best route based on the damage assessment and who you are insured with them when move on to the next step… FILING THE CLAIM
  • Legally we can not file the claim for you, but we can represent you through the process. What has been statistically proven time and time again, when you open a claim with a knowledgeable contractor, you are much more likely to get approved with less of a hassle.
  • As you and one of our specialists file the claim, the claims intake department will ask several questions to both you and your specialist. One of the most important you will be asked, “What is the date of loss?” If the date of loss does not match what your insurance has on their storm records, you will most likely get denied. Our specialist will have this information on hand ready to provide to be sure no mistakes are made in the filing process.
  • Once the claim is filed, your claim handler (AKA adjuster) will contact you with a time and date for their inspection.
  • It is very important to let your specialist know the scheduled inspection. Your specialist will need to meet with your adjuster that day to insure they document all damages because most adjusters will avoid them so you get denied. How tactic is meant to prevent that.
  • Following the inspection, normally within a week, you will get a call from your adjuster with the news! You will also receive an email with a line-item breakdown of their estimate. Please provide this to your specialist or for evaluation and to prepare for the next steps to your new roof!

Process your
claims with us.

Let us walk you through your claim process step by step. That way we can represent you throughout the process.