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We take every single Georgia home seriously as homeowners ourselves, and we know what it is like to worry if a job will be done right by people you can trust.

We Value Ethics

We are a full customer centered contracting company. We know life can be tough, budgets can be tight, and it’s hard to trust people (especially with lump sums of insurance funds). Jones Relief Enterprises consists of trained specialists to be sure the process goes by as smoothly as possible. We are licensed and insured as well with crew all your roofing, gutter and gutter guard needs.

Most contractors will come knocking on your door just to talk you into opening a pointless claim to bring back to their boss or to make quick money. We only hires contractors that want to help homeowners make a wise and calculated decision. No hidden strings. Just true, quality customer service.

With Jones Relief Enterprises, you will not only get a service, you will also get an experience. We offer roofing, full gutter replacement/installation, gutter guards, exterior painting, interior painting.

We are a 5 star, licensed and insured contracting company that is accredited through the BBB.

We are a fast paced contracting company with the customers best interest in mind. With our team of well trained claims specialists, we assure you are in great hands. Check out the reviews!

Replacing your
roof with us.

With as much care as you take in selecting the right contractor, choosing the right roof system is equally as important. Our customer-centered approach combined with our roof replacement process ensures you have a well-built roof for long-lasting performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though you don’t see damage or a leak doesn’t mean it is not there. Some Damages are only visible from on the roof (especially hail damage). Missing shingles are a sign that your roof is brittle and at the end of its life. Just because shingles aren’t missing doesn’t mean it’s not damaged. Wind can cause shingles to lift and cause creasing. Creased shingles are compromised shingles which will eventually blow off and cause a leak. It is always recommended to have your roof evaluated prior to this happening. Most contractors like ourselves offer free Inspections. Take advantage of those after strong storms or any hail storm, especially if your roof is getting older.

We handle the rest from here by submitting the Letter of Completion to your insurance company. Once the price and necessary negotiations are agreed on, they will issue the remaining balance. Please be sure the specialist receives these funds to avoid legal action and a property lien.

We understand there are a lot of contractors out there and many of them are scams. We assure we are not. Jones Relief Enterprises was created to provide homeowners with contractors they can truly trust with quality of work that speaks for itself. Truly we are here to make a difference for both homeowners and our employees. Our ethical business structure is here to protect you and our industry.

Yes, JRE does have the ability to save you thousands of dollars if you qualify for an insurance claim. Let’s say you have a $20,000 roof (according to your insurance) but your deductible is only $1,000. If you qualify for a full replacement via insurance, you just got $19,000 from your insurance. Now you’re only out $1,000. A free $19,000 sounds great doesn’t it?

Additional or hidden cost? Of course not. When we say free, it is free. If you choose to have a virtual estimate, there is a small $75 fee for satellite measurements. If a specialist comes to your property, you will not incur any charges.

Everyone qualifies for a free inspection! Simply schedule your free roof inspection to get started.

Working with
insurance claims.

You can get a completely new roof for just your deductible without increasing your insurance premium, and it can all be handled for you through our customer centered Georgia team.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Georgia Insurance Commissioner considers these weather related events as an “Act of God.” Nearly every renewal your premium will go up regardless if you open a claim or not. Per the Georgia Insurance Commissioner, insurance companies are allowed to increase your premium by 5%-7% per zip code. By Commissioner standards, you cannot be individualized from any storm related claim that falls under the “Act of God” category.

All documents in regards to your claim should be submitted to your local specialist or to our claims team directly at info@jonesreliefenterprises.com.

You can but we strongly advise against it. Larger insurance companies tend to do the best they can to find a reason to deny a full replacement. It is best to have an inspection by a knowledgeable contractor before opening a claim. What we have noticed, it helps to let your contractor open the claim for you. You will have to be present during the process to give your insurance company permission to speak with the contractor.

Yes! Our team of claims specialists will always be happy to help you work with you on your claims.

Jones Relief Enterprises works with all homeowner’s insurance companies.

Yes, getting denied is frustrating and can be very stressful. Certain insurance companies will do anything to deny you and that is why our specialists will point you in the right direction prior to filing the claim. Georgia is a non-match state. This means an insurance company can deny everything but a repair. The color of the shingle is irrelevant to your insurance company in Georgia. From their end, you can have a green shingle on a grey roof and that is considered a repair. If one of our specialists believes your chances for a full replacement are low, we will bring it to your attention prior to opening a claim.

Travelers, Ameca, Chubb, Central, Progressive, Nationwide, Homesite, Gieco, Lemonaid, and many more.

We are not to downplay any company but we have noticed the larger companies are the most difficult to get approved. We advise homeowners to stay clear from State Farm, Allstate, Farm Bureau, Liberty Mutual, and Farmers. State Farm used to be a great insurance company but they have the highest denial rating in 2021. All experiences may vary. This is just our personal experience with many claims.

After filing a claim, your designated adjuster will reach out to schedule a time for their inspection. They will typically call you within a couple of days after the claim is opened. During the meeting, one of our specialists will be at your property to be sure the adjuster does not ignore damages (this is very common in the industry). Once all damages are documented with the help of one of our specialists, you will get an email with the insurance estimate. Be sure to share this with your local specialist to have it revised in detail. If approved, a check will also be sent to you in the mail unless you are enrolled in direct deposit. Travelers Insurance will actually Zelle you the fund! The check in the mail will likely have your mortgage company on it as well. You will need to contact your mortgage company to see what you need to do for them to endorse it. Once you receive it, simply endorse the back, provide it to your specialist after signing our Work Order Agreement. We will work quickly to schedule your replacement.

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